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The IPG Business Health Support

We now offer a personalised Business Health Support programme for your pharmacy. This offer is for any independent NZ pharmacy, and includes:

  1. Your online Login to view your pharmacy's scoreboard and the full suite of benchmark reports.

  2. A free Retail Performance Report showing opportunities for growth.

  3. Free coaching over-the-phone to support you and your retail staff.

  4. Monthly newsletters with tips and trends.

We will help your pharmacy to:

  • Find new opportunities for top-selling products

  • Put in place optimal retail prices

  • Identify and clear slow-moving stock

  • See what's working with simple reports


The Five Minute User Guide to RPM

Insights are the important messages relating to your store. The IPG provides daily updated and industry-leading data analysis for your pharmacy brought to you by RPM Retail.

RPM - Category Performance Reports

Good category management is the secret to running a better business, so it is vital to understand how each of your retail categories are performing.

RPM Metrics & KPIs

A handy go-to-guide which helps define keywords within your reports.

Steps to improve your retail data quality

In order to get the most value from the RPM benchmarking and reporting it is important that you fix any errors or inaccuracies in your POS system data.

Understanding your RPM Scoreboard

Data can be daunting, we get it! This how-to guide will put your mind at ease and help you have a better understanding of your Retail Performance.

RPM Staff Performance Reports

Use your RPM Staff reports to set goals and monitor progress of your team.

How to identify and clear your dead stock

Did you know that you can easily identify the high priority Dead Stock products in your business using RPM?

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