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A New Zealand first!... Business Health Programme for pharmacies.

The pharmacy sector is under enormous pressure due to the uncertainty caused by COVID, a shortage of qualified staff, continued funding shortfalls for dispensing services and the growing number of discount chains.

Now there is a specialist programme that works with independent pharmacy owners throughout NZ and provides tools and services to grow their business success and improve results. 

The Independent Pharmacy Group in conjunction with PWL and PharmacyFirst has launched their Business Health Programme to pharmacy suppliers in Auckland this month.

Participating pharmacies can start with a simple marketing package for quarterly instore events called My Event Box. Then when they are ready to commit to a Business Health Check they receive an annual Activity Plan for their pharmacy which identifies opportunities for growth and provides the tools and support they need to implement their plan.

There are two levels of membership - depending on the pharmacy owners appetite for change and level of capability. Members receive ongoing coaching and support from The IPG consultants, along with modules and training for improving their inventory management, merchandising and marketing.

Every member receives measurement of results powered by RPM - making this the only programme for pharmacies in New Zealand that ensures the business success of its members.

New members can get in touch with the PharmacyFirst team at PWL or with John, Phil and Tina at the IPG to discuss their needs and get started today. All pharmacy owners and staff will be invited to attend a nationwide series roadshows in July where they can learn more.