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Pharmacy Retail Performance June 2021

This year's retail sales for the month of June were +4% higher than last year - but still down (-5%) on June 2019.

  • Cough & Cold sales have rebounded in June as common winter viruses have spread. 
  • Health Supplements sales have trended down throughout 2021 but showed a small increase in June.
  • Discretionary spending on Gifts continues to be above last year.
  • Skin Care sales are lower than last year which saw a Covid-related increase in retail sales for medicated Skin Care products.
  • Pain Relief sales are returning to "normal" as winter ailments increase.

The Canterbury retail pharmacy data is still showing a large -9% drop VS last year due to the impact of discount pharmacies in Christchurch. 

Owner-operated pharmacies in the North Island are showing improved retail sales Vs last year.

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