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Local Legend - Clive Cannons - Clive's Chemist, Wainuiomata

This month’s Local Legend is Clive Cannons - Owner of Clive’s Chemist Wainuiomata and Co-Founder of The ICPG. 

He’s the unofficial Mayor of Wainuiomata and the King of Community Involvement. This month’s Local Legend was truly a no-brainer. Clive provided us with some background into his career in Pharmacy and more by answering our questions below. 

Clive you’re a shining example for the vitality of community involvement in Independent Pharmacy through all you do. Before we get to that, tell us your background… How you got to being the owner of Wainuiomata Pharmacy… where it all began! 

I came to Wainuiomata after pharmacy school for my internship.  Becoming an owner was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time when one of the pharmacies in town came on the market, and the rest is history.

What drew you to being such a strong ambassador for supporting your Wainuiomata Community? 

I owe everything to this community,  I’m a believer in supporting the people that support you.  This is a great town and I fell in love with the valley and it’s people many years ago. I love this quote ‘You get rich  by enriching your life at the expense of others.  But you can be rich by enriching the lives of the people you serve. ‘ David Salyers.  And that sums it up for me.

Tell us some of the groups / teams etc you support or have supported in the past, as well as talks you give to groups.  I’ve probably done something for, or talked to most clubs and organisations in town. 

My first priority is kids sport. I work with the sports department at the High School and have sponsored trips and gear, and helped with sports subs for the kids.

Most fields, courts, greens and lawns have my sign – Rugby, League, Tennis, Squash, Lawn Bowls, Darts, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Croquet, football, Kilikiti (Samoan cricket).

Special Events –buying naming rights to local tournaments, and helping organise community events such as the Christmas Parade, Shopping centre upgrade and working bees.

Regular support of our Food Bank (Pataka Kai) and our Community Patrol.  Both pay an important part of our community.

I’ve given talks to Grey Power, Over 60’s, Chill and Chat, Rotary, Lions, Garden Club, Business groups, Probus, CWI, Marae Kaumatua group, Young mother’s group, Plunket, Justice of the Peace, Church groups, School classes and assemblies.  And the support groups - Parkinsons, Arthritis, Stroke, Diabetes, Asthma

You’re labelled the ‘Unofficial Mayor of Wainuiomata’ – how does it feel to be a pillar of the community?

Aren’t all pharmacists pillars? (dad joke).  Actually being known as the unofficial mayor is an honour.

Why is community involvement so crucial for Pharmacy in today’s landscape for the industry?

We are first and foremost community pharmacies.  That is where we belong – right in the centre of our towns, suburbs, or districts.  We have a lot of pressure from every side, but the one thing that can’t be taken away from us are the relationships we build with our people.  To earn trust and respect take time, and is hard-earned.  But once we have it no one can take that away from us.    

What’s your advice to your fellow Independent Pharmacy Owners here in Aotearoa who are wanting to make a start with being involved in the community, but just don’t know how to start. 

Start small with one thing that grabs your attention and aligns with your values.  Talk to that group and see what you can do together.  It’s amazing where that conversation will take you.  My only advice is to be genuine.

Congratulations Clive. You're our Local Legend for May 2024!