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Get to know Angela Ransley - The IPG

You'll know Angela as our Head of Digital Marketing at The IPG and RPM Retail. She advises our members on their websites and email campaigns to loyalty club customers. But did you know she’s a self-proclaimed 'petrol-head' and lover of all things flowers?

Get to know more about Ange via our Q&A below:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself – What’s your background and your journey to joining RPM Retail and the IPG?

Answer:  I started in Pharmacy in Hornby as a school holiday job in 1975! I then stayed on and trained as a technician. Over the years I have had many roles within Pharmacy from technician in various Christchurch pharmacies to Beauty Counter for Dior, Pharmacy Assistant Tutor at the Christchurch Academy, Sales Rep for Good Health and Automation Specialist at Douglas. After being made redundant during Covid I had a couple of years off helping my husband with his business but a move from Kapiti to Christchurch changed our life again and I needed to get out and do something. The first day I job searched I came across Johns advert and here I am!

2) Outside of work, what are your interests / hobbies?

Answer:  My husband comes from a long line of “Petrolheads” and I am now also one. I particularly enjoy following Kiwis racing around the world in any class. When we moved to Christchurch, I had a blank garden canvas and so I’ve enjoyed digging out a new garden filled with flowers. My favourite thing to do is pick and arrange flowers for the house and friends.

3) What is your ‘why’? – It could be your goals, mission, mantras or sayings that you live by

Answer: Our favourite saying at home is “nobody die” which came from a tv ad in which a woman spent time reading a magazine instead of cleaning – and that’s want I want from life – more time spent doing the things I love to do and less time worrying about unimportant things.

4) Where do you see RPM / The IPG in the next 12 months? Think about the teams goals and aspirations for the year ahead

Answer: The plans and growth showing now are very exciting to see – so much potential! We can assist so many pharmacies to run a better, more profitable business and enjoy the support , knowledge and fellowship we offer. We will have a large supportive group in the very near future and its exciting to be a part of.

5) Why should Independent Pharmacies sign up with the IPG and RPM?

Answer: Business is harder than ever. And Pharmacy has the challenge of two sides to run – a dispensary and a retail arm. Not many people are experts at both and most need assistance in some areas. We see all types of Pharmacies – big, little and in between and we know what will work starting with the data. A Pharmacy that joins the IPG and RPM and embraces the concept will definitely feel the benefits