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Get to know Deep Mehta - The IPG

6 years ago, Deep Mehta made a life-changing decision to move to New Zealand to pursue a post-graduate degree in Business Information Systems. After managing a Challenge Petrol Station in Christchurch for a number of years whilst studying, he came across a job advertisement to join John and the team at RPM. Fast forward to today, and he's now The IPG and RPM Retail's Data Analyst and Account Manager. 

Get to know Deep via our Q&A below:

 1)  Tell us a bit about yourself – What’s your background and your journey to joining RPM Retail and the IPG?

Answer: I’ve always been interested in technology and business which prompted me to pursue a post graduate degree in Business Information Systems. Following this I gained management experience in the retail industry which familiarised me with the common problems faced by the Retail Industry. I wanted to work on technology backed solutions to solve these problems which is how I ended up at RPM Retail. When I came across this role, I instantly knew this was the perfect fit for me as it gave me the opportunity to combine my analytical skills, retail experience and my passion for helping people.

2) Outside of work, what are your interests / hobbies?

Answer: My interests are pretty weather dependent! On a bright and sunny day, you’ll find me outdoors on a walk enjoying nature. On a rainy day, I love to spend some quality time with my Xbox. I’m also a crossfit enthusiast and haven’t recently completed my first crossfit competition and will continue to compete if all goes well!

3)  What is your ‘why’? – It could be your goals, mission, mantras or sayings that you live by

Answer: The thing that gets me out of bed every morning is knowing that the work I’m doing impacts the daily lives of Kiwis and I get to learn something new every single day. My goal is to be 1% better every day.

Mantra that I live by -  In the words of Winston Churchill ‘Success is not a journey or a destination, it’s the courage to continue that counts.’

4)  Where do you see RPM / The IPG in the next 12 months? Think about the teams goals and aspirations for the year ahead

Answer: As an Analyst, I truly believe in the power of Data. I aim to ensure that RPM/ the IPG have access to the most accurate and timely data required to make effective business decisions so that data is at the heart of every decision we make.

5) Why should Independent Pharmacies sign up with the IPG and RPM?

Answer: At IPG and RPM we truly care about our clients and strive to be the one-stop solution that enables independent pharmacies to grow and succeed by equipping them with the in-store solutions as well as digital technologies that helps them maximise their business potential in this highly competitive market.

For any questions about your Performance Reports, Metrics, KPI's and more, be sure to get in touch with Deep -